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CEO/Executive Director
Mr. E.J. Thomas
Board Chair
Mr. Mike Fitzpatrick
Elford Development

Put God’s love into action by bringing people together to inspire hope, build homes, empower families, and develop communities.

Organization Overview

Impact Statement


  • Over 250 volunteers impacted 41 families through Rock the Block neighborhood projects. More than 5,500 volunteers filled 13,509 volunteer opportunities and provided over 69,000 hours of service to our housing programs.

  • Our new builds achieved energy star certifications and were recognized by Efficiency Crafted for making our homes 46% more efficient than the standard home.

  • Our ReStore donors helped parlay more than 1,000 tons of donated goods into gross sales, totaling $1.78 million and diverting thousands of tons of reusable materials from area landfills.

  • We served 280 families through our housing, support services, mortgage services, and neighborhood revitalization programs, which included 16 new homes and nine home repairs. Fourteen partner families paid off their mortgages.


  • We will serve 26 families through new home construction, home rehabilitation, and home repair projects in our service areas.

  • We will address the housing needs of more low-income families by enhancing and building our neighborhood assessment and community development work through our neighborhood revitalization program.

  • We will continue to enhance our ReStores. We will help more businesses and homeowners go green through reuse and recycling, and provide affordable options for home maintenance.

  • We will continue to engage a diverse corps of volunteers to serve their community while learning new skills, developing relationships, and gaining the sense of accomplishment that comes with a day spent building a Habitat home.

  • We will implement new strategies to grow our partnerships with local corporations, campus groups, and diverse churches across central Ohio.

Background Statement

Habitat for Humanity International was started in 1976 as an ecumenical Christian housing ministry, and today has more than 1,500 independent affiliates working throughout the United States and more than 80 national organizations working around the world. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races, and religions to build houses together in partnership with low-income families in need of decent shelter.

In 1987, in response to the growing number of working families without access to affordable housing, members of the local faith community established our local Habitat affiliate, now known as Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio. Habitat-MidOhio builds and rehabilitates single-family homes in low-income neighborhoods throughout Franklin, Licking, and Madison counties. Since 1987, we have empowered more than 350 local families to move out of substandard rental housing and into a simple, affordable home of their own. Our partner families are first-time home buyers who earn 30-60% of area median income and currently live in rental housing that is dilapidated, overcrowded, or unaffordable. Every partner family invests 200-250 hours of 'sweat equity,' which includes helping to build their own home and other Habitat houses, and every family repays a 0% interest, no-profit mortgage held by the local affiliate for the life of the loan. We offer ongoing support services to help ensure that our partner families succeed as homeowners.  

Habitat homes are built with the financial support of individuals, the business community, private and family foundations, churches and faith groups, community organizations, and programs funded by state and local government agencies. The cost of construction is reduced through in-kind donations of materials and services and the labor is provided by Habitat partner families and community volunteers. More than 5,500 individuals volunteered with us last year.

Statement from Mr. E.J. Thomas, CEO

Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work only to face the choice between paying rent and buying groceries. Imagine sending your children to bed at night in a house where the roof leaks, cold air streams through broken windows, and rodents are regular visitors. Imagine being torn between taking your child to the doctor and paying for a place to stay.  There are thousands of families living in substandard housing in our community, and many face choices like these each day. These heads–of-households work hard, often more than 40 hours each week, yet they are pushed to the financial edge due to the lack of affordable housing. Instead of offering a handout, Habitat provides the hand up these families need. We bring together donor dollars and thousands of dedicated volunteers, and then match these resources with a qualified partner family. Since 1987, we have empowered more than 350 families to realize a brighter future as proud owners of houses that are safe, decent, and affordable.

Statement from Mr. Mike Fitzpatrick , Elford Development

We take great pride in our mission to work in partnership with God and people to build affordable homes, empower families, and develop communities, and in everything we do to carry out our mission. Our work builds brighter futures, instills confidence, and supports families as they achieve home ownership for the first time. We select partner families through a careful review process, and we support our families as they work to fulfill the program’s requirements and build their homes alongside our volunteers. We have more than 20 homes under construction each year and coordinate the activities of thousands of volunteers. We finance the 0% interest, no-profit mortgages that make our homes affordable for low-income families, and we operate two retail stores to help sustain our program. With your support, we can continue our work to eliminate substandard housing and help those in need. Habitat homes provide tangible evidence that your donations are making a difference in our community.



Mr. E.J. Thomas, 
Term Start 12/2004 
Compensated Yes 
Biographical Statement

E.J. Thomas has a long history of public service that includes deputy assistant for legislation under Gov. James A. Rhodes, eight terms as state representative, as Colonel and HQ director of operations in the USAF/Ohio Air National Guard, and chair of the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission. He is a former two-term chair of Habitat for Humanity of Ohio. As a former member of Habitat’s U.S. Council, he served as chair of both the advocacy committee and the veterans initiative. He is currently a trustee of Capital University; chair of the Human Service Chamber of Franklin County, Affordable Housing Alliance of Franklin County, and Ford Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation in Port Clinton; and board member of Dave Fox Remodeling. He was the co-founder and former chair of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s Picnic with the Pops series.

Mr. Thomas is committed to the creation and maintenance of a corporate culture that ensures the highest level of professionalism and stewardship.

Mr. Michael J. Cosgrove, 
Biographical Statement

Michael Cosgrove has been a certified public accountant since 1988, and prior to joining Habitat, held the position of chief financial officer (CFO) and controller at a large, privately-held for-profit company. After serving with Habitat MidOhio in a support role for just under a year, Mr. Cosgrove moved into the CFO position in early 2008. His appointment as a CFO coincided with the growing needs of the organization as Habitat MidOhio expanded program services and service areas, in an effort to serve more families. Mr. Cosgrove’s demonstrated financial management skills, commitment to transparency, and responsible stewardship of financial resources continues to serve the organization well, as it continues to increase capacity and number of families served.

Additional Organization Information
Number of Full-Time Staff: 33 
Number of Part-Time Staff:
Number of Volunteers: 5500 
Staff Retention Rate: 86% 


Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
Fundraising Plan Yes
Management Succession/Training Plan No
Organization Policies and Procedures Yes
Strategic Plan Yes
Years Plan Considers 3
Current Plan Adopted 6/2015
Additional Organization Information

City of Columbus Department of Development, Community Development for All People, Community Shares of Mid Ohio, Franklin County Economic Development and Planning Department, Greater Linden Development Corporation, Habitat for Humanity at The Ohio State University, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, United Way of Central Ohio, Healthy Homes/Healthy Families, City of Newark Department of Development, and South Side Renaissance.  

Government Licenses Housing/Development
National Accreditations Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance
National Affiliations Affiliate/Chapter of National Organization
Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance - Organization


Local Governing Board
Board Chair Mr. Mike Fitzpatrick,
Board Chair Term 1/2008 -  12/2016  
Board Members
Mr. Brady Burt,  
Ms. Rae Ann Dankovic,  
Ms. Elizabeth Farrar,  
Mr. Scott Moore,  
Mr. James Petrie,  
Mr. Tom Robertson,  
Mr. Kyle Sharp,  
Mr. Greg Smith,  
Mr. Keith Tomlinson,  
Mr. Kevin Zeppernick,  
Mr. Brandon Pelletier , Non-Voting
Mr. E.J. Thomas , Non-Voting
Additional Organization Information
Board Meetings Annually
Board Meeting Attendance 69% 
Board Member Monetary Contributions 92%
Board Member In-kind Contributions 23%
Gender Female 15%
  Male 85%
Race African-American/Black 0%
  Asian-American/Pacific Islander 0%
  Caucasian 100%
  Hispanic/Latino 0%
  Native American/American Indian 0%
  Multi-Racial 0%
  Other 0%
Advisory Board
No members in the Advisory Board.


Habitat's ReStores

Habitat MidOhio owns and operates two home improvement resale stores, called ReStores. We collect donations of quality used, new, and surplus building materials and home products, and then sell these items to the general public at discount prices. ReStore profits help to offset our management and general expenses, allowing a larger portion of every donation to go directly to the Habitat home program. Our ReStores also serve to divert thousands of tons of reusable goods from local landfills each year, and our discount prices make remodeling and home improvement projects affordable for more local residents.

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Habitat's Housing Program

Habitat empowers families by providing economic opportunity, home-ownership education, hands-on learning, and the dignity of a hand up, not a handout. Our staff and volunteers carefully review the qualifications of each applicant to our home-ownership program. Guidance and support provided by trained family advocates, one-on-one budget counseling, and a series of home maintenance workshops prepare our families for success as homeowners. After the family closes on their new home, we continue to offer support that includes opportunities to increase financial literacy and money management skills.

Our Habitat homes are simple and affordable, yet are designed and built to add value to the community. We launched our neighborhood revitalization home repair program in 2013 and served six families last year with roofing, siding, windows, plumbing, insulation, and weatherization.

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Habitat's Volunteer Program

Habitat's volunteer services department connects with over 4,200 volunteers each year who offer their time and talents to help us fulfill our mission. Each house is built by several hundred community volunteers working side by side with Habitat partner families. The construction labor donated by Habitat volunteers lowers the cost of construction and helps make our homes affordable for more low-income families. Our volunteer work goes beyond construction--volunteers work in Habitat's ReStore, serve on committees, provide administrative support, take photos at Habitat events, and much more. In return, Habitat volunteers receive the satisfaction of making a tangible and lasting contribution to improve the lives of parents and children in our community.

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Habitat's Women Build Program

As part of Habitat’s overall volunteer program, Women Build is a national initiative designed to recruit, train, and empower women to build Habitat construction site. Habitat MidOhio launched the local Women Build program in 1998, and there are now ten Habitat homes in Franklin County that were built entirely by women! Our Women Build program is made possible by a dedicated team of female volunteers who provide leadership and ongoing support, and by hundreds of female construction volunteers from across our region. Women Build volunteers are encouraged and supported as they learn construction skills and develop their leadership potential. They leave at the end of each work shift with a powerful sense of accomplishments that they carry into their everyday lives.

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Data reflects three most recently completed fiscal years.

Current Fiscal Year 07/01/2015 - 06/30/2016
Projected Revenue $7,389,569
Projected Expense $6,836,203
Endowment Fund No
Current Capital Campaign? No
Anticipate a capital campaign in next 5 years? Yes

Revenues by Source

  2015   2014   2013  
Total Direct Support $3,583,670  $2,561,526  $2,573,267 
Direct Support Foundations
Direct Support Corporations
Direct Support Individuals
Direct Support Unspecified $3,583,670  $2,561,526  $2,573,267 
Government $1,419,746 
Indirect Public Support $64,062 
Earned Revenue $3,107,581  $2,674,915  $1,252,883 
Interest and Dividends $682 
Membership Dues
Special Events -$31,094 
In-kind $153,101 
Other $351,319  $377,650  $2,061,400 
TOTAL REVENUE $7,042,570  $5,767,192  $7,340,946 

Expense by Type

  2015   2014   2013  
Programs $5,542,962  $4,607,374  $4,779,434 
Administration $740,751  $678,281  $634,232 
Fundraising $486,878  $379,885  $291,417 
Payment to Affiliates
TOTAL EXPENSES $6,770,591  $5,665,540  $5,705,083 

Assets and Liabilities

  2015   2014   2013  
Total Assets $11,520,898  $10,968,717  $10,690,472 
Current Assets $3,113,173  $2,977,900  $9,714,355 
Total Liabilities $1,684,003  $1,403,801  $1,227,208 
Current Liabilities $1,327,688  $993,405  $668,914 
NET ASSETS $9,836,895  $9,564,916  $9,463,264 


TCF Staff:
Mr. Michael J. Cosgrove

Public support includes contributions and grants from individuals, corporations, churches and faith groups, foundations, and government agencies. Earned revenue includes revenue from Habitat’s ReStores and revenue related to the sale of completed homes to our Habitat partner families. Earned revenue provides sustainable funding that helps offset our administrative and management expenses and provides additional funding to support Habitat’s overall mission.

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