Catholic Social Services
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197 East Gay Street, 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
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CEO/Executive Director
Ms. Rachel Lustig
President and CEO
Board Chair
Mr. Jim Negron
Corna Kokosing Construction

To improve the quality of life for people of all faiths and backgrounds in need throughout central and southern Ohio and to strengthen families, guide individuals toward economic stability, and serve as an extended family for seniors.

Organization Overview

Impact Statement


  • We expanded our food pantry program to meet the needs of new low-income Hispanic immigrants to the United States by supplementing our food service with wrap-around health and integration services provided on-site by community partners.

  • We expanded our Senior Companion program that connects low-income seniors who are not homebound with low-income homebound seniors to reduce social isolation, the leading cause of senior suicide, by creating a Friendly Visiting program that uses volunteers to connect to a larger group of these seniors.

  • We launched a parish outreach program to facilitate client referrals from the faith community, create satellite programs, and enhance volunteer-based services.

2014 GOALS

  • We will launch a multi-year budget with a corresponding operational plan to provide better quality of care to our clients and to better engage the community.

  • We will develop our food pantry into a multi-service center to address a number of concerns of the growing Hispanic community, including teaching English as a second language and integrating support services that address issues of an immigrant population.

  • We will extend the reach, accessibility, and affordability of our high-quality, accredited, value-based counseling services to more low-income individuals and families to help overcome the challenges of abuse, trauma, depression, addiction, and relationship issues.

  • We will grow the Friendly Visiting program to reduce isolation and loneliness among older adults by 100%.

Background Statement

Catholic Social Services (CSS) is a faith-based agency providing a wide array of programs for individuals and families of all faiths. We serve these individuals and families throughout their life cycle. CSS has been serving the central Ohio community since 1945, working throughout 23 counties of central and southern Ohio. Offices are located in Columbus, Newark, Portsmouth, and Zanesville. Catholic Social Services is an award-winning agency, accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA), which certifies that all operations and programs meet best practice standards for professional service. CSS is a member of Catholic Charities USA, a member agency of United Way of Central Ohio, and licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health.

Statement from Ms. Rachel Lustig, President and CEO

Three things make Catholic Social Services special. We are an organization committed to meeting unmet needs of our community. As times, priorities, and resources change, CSS continues to evolve to provide supportive and strengthening services to the people who are poor, marginalized, and otherwise forgotten in our community. CSS makes a long-term commitment to the people who we serve. We ask our clients to make some significant changes in their lives in order to have a better future. We know how difficult this can be when the odds have been stacked against you, so we partner with our clients for the long haul. Finally, we are a part of the Catholic Church. This connection provides us with a value-based framework to guide our efforts; a local network of partners in parishes, hospitals, schools, and other social service agencies; and the capacity to study and put into practice the virtues of our faith--compassion, unconditional love, justice, prudence, fortitude, and temperance.

Statement from Mr. Jim Negron , Corna Kokosing Construction

The downturn in the economy for the past few years has been very challenging for the nonprofit social service sector. Like most service agencies, we have seen an increase in the number of requests for help, but have not been able to find additional resources and funding to meet those requests. With an active and committed board of directors, and a positive working relationship with agency leadership, we have begun the work to again clarify our mission and vision. I am very proud of CSS for initiating the Pathways to Hope program that works with the survivors of domestic violence. This program is unique in central Ohio and is one of a few that offers long-term case management to help survivors establish and maintain a new start on life.



Ms. Rachel Lustig, 
Term Start 7/2013 
Compensated Yes 
Biographical Statement

Rachel Lustig joined CSS as president and CEO after serving 10 years at Catholic Charities, USA (CCUSA) where she most recently held the position of senior vice president of mission and ministry and was responsible for directing efforts to build mission-inspired leadership at Catholic Charities agencies in order to build a more just and compassionate society.

Lustig began her career at CCUSA in 2003 as parish social ministry associate and served as the director of parish social ministry from 2004-09. In these roles, Lustig led efforts to engage the larger Catholic community in outreach and social justice. Prior to CCUSA, Lustig served as director of finances for Hogar Santa Cruz, an orphanage in Santiago, Chile.

She received her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame and her Master of Public Administration from George Mason University.

Additional Organization Information
Number of Full-Time Staff: 27 
Number of Part-Time Staff: 27 
Number of Volunteers: 650 
Staff Retention Rate: 70% 


Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Fundraising Plan Yes
Management Succession/Training Plan Yes
Organization Policies and Procedures Yes
Strategic Plan Yes
Years Plan Considers 3
Current Plan Adopted 6/2012
Additional Organization Information
Government Licenses Mental Health Care/Facilities
National Accreditations Council on Accreditation (COA) [for Children and Family Services] - Accreditation
National Affiliations Catholic Charities USA


Regional Governing Board
Board Chair Mr. Jim Negron,
Board Chair Term 2/2014 -  2/2016  
Board Members
Mr. Pete Beirne,  
Mr. Daren Garcia,  
Mr. Stephen George,  
Sr. Barbara Hahl,  
Mr. Mark Huddy,  
Ms. Marian Hutson,  
Mr. Gary Irvine,  
Ms. Jill Kirila,  
Mr. Michael Lisi,  
Mr. John Mackessy,  
Ms. Kathy McGinnis,  
Dr. Richard Menke,  
Mr. Roger Minner,  
Mr. Peter Roche,  
Mr. Robert Ruscilli,  
Mr. John Rush,  
Mr. Harold Schafer,  
Mr. Andy Sonderman,  
Mr. Roger St. Cyr,  
Ms. Brenda Stier-Anstine,  
Ms. Amelia (Millie) Watkins,  
Mr. Charles Wilson,  
Mr. Tom Winters,  
Additional Organization Information
Board Meetings Annually
Board Meeting Attendance 56% 
Board Member Monetary Contributions 88%
Board Member In-kind Contributions 58%
Gender Female 25%
  Male 75%
Race African-American/Black 0%
  Asian-American/Pacific Islander 0%
  Caucasian 91%
  Hispanic/Latino 8%
  Native American/American Indian 0%
  Multi-Racial 0%
  Other 0%
Advisory Board
No members in the Advisory Board.


Senior Services

Licensed social workers provide ongoing, in-home needs assessment, care planning, and consultation to help vulnerable seniors maintain their independence. To reduce isolation, trained older volunteers offer peer companionship and homemaker assistance to elderly and disabled clients. Transportation is also available to qualifying seniors and veterans for medical appointments.

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Payee Services

Individualized financial management is available for those who are unable to manage their own financial affairs due to a disability or for those who just need help in effectively handling their fiscal matters. With client consent, as the named payee for the person's income, Payee Services accounts for all income and pays monthly bills on time on behalf of the client. Our services help people avoid getting behind or building debt that cannot be resolved. Payee Services assists clients to better understand and meet their financial obligations and helps each individual establish a budget to manage monthly expenses. Payee Services annually manages in excess of $3.9 million in client benefits, while handling more than 53,500 financial transactions for 395 clients.

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Licensed staff, trained in a variety of therapies, help individuals, couples, and families address a wide range of life challenges, including relationship problems; anxiety; depression; grief; panic attacks; phobias; child abuse; sexual abuse; domestic violence; parent-child conflict; and issues related to life stages, infertility, post-abortion, and adult adoptee concerns. Counseling and education is also provided for those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to help explore options and make life-affirming choices. Services available for pregnant and parenting teens include counseling and education regarding pregnancy, adoption, parent education, and support.

Pathways to Hope is a new program working with survivors of domestic violence to transition from emergency shelters into affordable housing and providing long-term case management.

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Friendly Visiting

Friendly Visiting is a community-based program that utilizes adults (minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian) to provide support and one-on-one assistance to isolated central Ohio seniors and disabled adults in need of companionship to combat the negative effects of social isolation. Friendly Visiting volunteers are matched with a local, isolated, and lonely individual in an effort to help seniors living alone and to remain independent in their own home.

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Food Pantry

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Center serves the needs of the growing Hispanic community by providing emergency food assistance; health screenings; information on nutrition, housing, legal aide, and finances; and guidance in acquiring basic necessities. The Guadalupe Center has set itself apart from other local food pantries by operating as a "choice" food pantry. At our "choice" food pantry, rather than being handed a preselected box of food, clients are given points, based on family size, to spend by hand-selecting food items of their choice, much like they would in a grocery store. CSS' choice food pantry offers a two-fold benefit. Allowing the families to select the foods they need helps eliminate waste of unwanted foods, foods that are not needed, and foods they do not know how to prepare. Using a point system teaches the clients how to assess needs, prioritize, and budget, all necessary skills for managing a household.

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Data reflects three most recently completed fiscal years.

Current Fiscal Year 01/01/2013 - 12/31/2013
Projected Revenue $4,229,538
Projected Expense $3,855,620
Endowment Fund No
Current Capital Campaign? No
Anticipate a capital campaign in next 5 years? No

Revenues by Source

  2012   2011   2010  
Total Direct Support $1,030,916  $1,628,474  $739,316 
Direct Support Foundations
Direct Support Corporations
Direct Support Individuals
Direct Support Unspecified $1,030,916  $1,628,474  $739,316 
Government $2,440,948  $2,215,868  $2,367,694 
Indirect Public Support $398,815  $446,685  $435,126 
Earned Revenue $259,807  $225,276  $263,840 
Interest and Dividends $295,967  -$49,709  $92,680 
Membership Dues
Special Events $195,071  $201,721  $184,077 
Other $4,250  $3,705  -$775 
TOTAL REVENUE $4,625,774  $4,672,020  $4,081,958 

Expense by Type

  2012   2011   2010  
Programs $3,189,754  $3,028,563  $2,927,054 
Administration $800,272  $840,172  $786,705 
Payment to Affiliates
TOTAL EXPENSES $3,990,026  $3,868,735  $3,713,759 

Assets and Liabilities

  2012   2011   2010  
Total Assets $6,009,306  $5,221,134  $4,191,739 
Current Assets $1,484,522  $1,538,520  $1,461,290 
Total Liabilities $872,601  $720,177  $494,067 
Current Liabilities $872,601  $720,177  $494,067 
NET ASSETS $5,136,705  $4,500,957  $3,697,672 


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