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To protect the rights of Ohioans with developmental disabilities by providing a full array of guardianship and protective services to individuals age 18 or older.

  • We completed a satisfaction survey of the individuals we serve who have moved from facilities to community settings, while continuing to examine less restrictive residential options for everyone served by APSI.

  • We implemented procedures to address the new guardianship requirements resulting from amendments to the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio (Rule 66.01-66.09).

  • We represented approximately 3,900 adult Ohioans, 506 of whom reside in Franklin County. In addition, we served 83 individuals in the surrounding counties of Licking, Delaware, Union, Fairfield, Pickaway, and Madison.

  • We will continue to examine ways to reduce the caseload for each of our protective service representatives.

  • We will reduce the number of people on our waiting list for services.

  • We will rewrite all program policies, procedures, and methods to reflect and support ongoing changes in the developmental disabilities system and the Probate Courts of Ohio. 


Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc. (APSI) traces its history to the decision of the Ohio legislature in the 1970s to provide contracted guardianship services to persons in developmental centers and in the community. The organization was formed in 1983 from the merger of two predecessor organizations, Guardian Services, Ltd., founded in 1976, and Sentinel Services for the Developmentally Disabled, founded in 1978.

In its early years, APSI served as 'guardian of the person, trustee, and protector' according to state law. In 1989, passage of the guardianship reform law (Substitute S.B. 46) increased the number of options available to the individuals APSI serves. This change meant that in addition to providing full guardianships, trusteeships, and protectorships, APSI began providing conservatorship, interim, limited, and emergency guardianship. 

Currently, there are nine regional APSI offices throughout the state of Ohio and a central office in Columbus. APSI has 72 protective service representatives, with an average caseload of approximately 55 individuals. APSI represents approximately 3,900 individuals across the state. APSI is governed by an 18-member board of trustees with representatives from across Ohio. As the only statewide provider in Ohio of protective services for the developmentally disabled, APSI has served as guardian for over 10,000 adults in the last 30 years.

Statement from Ms. Karla Rinto, M. Ed.

Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc.

Ms. Karla Rinto, M. Ed.
Term Start 1/2010 
Compensated Yes 

Karla Rinto joined APSI in 1999. She began as assistant program director and became program director in 2004. Since 2010, she has had the privilege to serve as APSI's executive director and led the agency through its recent strategic planning process that resulted in significant innovation and change. Karla has worked in the developmental disabilities field for over 33 years. She was the project director for the first self determination grant in Ohio through the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. The early years of her career were spent working in three county boards of developmental disabilities as director of case management, coordinator of quality assurance, and in residential and family support services. She has a BA from The Ohio State University and an MS in education from the University of Dayton.

Senior Staff
Ms. Jerilyn George, Chief Program Officer

Jerilyn George joined APSI in January 2016 as the chief program officer. Jerilyn brings over 20 years of experience serving people with developmental disabilities, includings working for private nonprofit agencies delivering waiver services, two county boards of developmental disabilities, and Northeast Ohio Network (a government council serving county boards of developmental disabilities). Jerilyn has a Master of Science in business management and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Spanish. She provides passion and commitment to the services she delivers and believes the changes in the field of developmental disabilities are an opportunity for new paths to better outcomes.  

Number of Full-Time Staff: 99 
Number of Part-Time Staff: 12 
Number of Volunteers:
Staff Retention Rate: 85% 

Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Fundraising Plan No
Management Succession/Training Plan No
Organization Policies and Procedures Yes
Strategic Plan No


APSI is a member of the Ohio Guardianship Association, National Guardianship Association, Ohio Provider Resource Network, and Ohio Association of Superintendents of County Boards Collaborative. APSI is an affiliate member of the The Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities.

Affiliate/Chapter of National Organization

Regional Governing Board
Board Chair Dr. Edward Sterling D.D.S, Retired, The Ohio State University
Board Chair Term 8/2016 - 8/2018  
Board Members
Ms. Carolyn Borden-Collins, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services  
Mr. Blaine Brockman J.D., Brockman Legal Services  
Ms. Becky Campbell, Community Living Experiences  
Ms. Shari Lynn Cooper, Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley  
Mr. Dave Dohnal J.D., Retired, Goodyear Tire and Rubber  
Mr. Brad Eberhard, Clark Schaefer Hackett  
Mr. Thomas Gannon, Retired, Cinncinati Children's Hospital  
Mr. Nathan Griffin, Retired, Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities  
Mr. Kevin Hayde, The Disability Foundation  
Mr. Robert Jennings, Careworks  
Mr. Larry Martin CPA, Consultant  
Mr. Fred O'Dell, North Valley Bank  
Ms. Donna Owens, Retired, Ohio Center For Autism and Low Incidence  
Ms. Susan Payne, Ohio University  
Mr. Patrick Rafter, Creative Housing Inc.  
Dr. Rebecca Strafford M.D., Retired, Gallipolis Developmental Center  
Ms. Ellen Williams Ph.D., Retired, Bowling Green State University  
Board Meetings Annually
Board Meeting Attendance 77% 
Board Member Monetary Contributions 83%
Board Member In-kind Contributions 100%
Gender Female 39%
  Male 61%
Race African-American/Black 11%
  Asian-American/Pacific Islander 0%
  Caucasian 89%
  Hispanic/Latino 0%
  Native American/American Indian 0%
  Multi-Racial 0%
  Other 0%
Advisory Board
No members in the Advisory Board.

Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc.

Guardianship and Protective Services

Advocacy and Protective Services provides guardianship and other protective services for eligible adults 18 years of age and older who live in Ohio and have a developmental disability. Protective services include full guardianship of the person, limited guardianship, emergency guardianship, interim guardianship, protectorship, trusteeship, conservatorship, and technical assistance. 

Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc.
Data reflects three most recently completed fiscal years.

Current Fiscal Year 07/01/2015 - 06/30/2016
Projected Revenue $5,851,518
Projected Expense $5,911,943
Endowment Fund No
Current Capital Campaign? No
Anticipate a capital campaign in next 5 years? No

Revenue by Source
  2015   2014   2013  
Total Direct Support $10,147  $8,445  $4,471 
Direct Support Foundations
Direct Support Corporations
Direct Support Individuals
Direct Support Unspecified $10,147  $8,445  $4,471 
Government $5,319,518  $5,162,586  $4,971,002 
Indirect Public Support
Earned Revenue
Interest and Dividends $1,408  $2,399  $2,430 
Membership Dues
Special Events
In-kind $300,524  $294,814  $163,258 
Other $1,270  $3,483  $10,383 
TOTAL REVENUE $5,632,867  $5,471,727  $5,151,544 

Expense by Type
  2015   2014   2013  
Programs $5,239,431  $5,030,229  $4,765,760 
Administration $501,790  $499,110  $473,928 
Payment to Affiliates
TOTAL EXPENSES $5,741,221  $5,529,339  $5,239,688 

Assets and Liabilities
  2015   2014   2013  
Total Assets $2,942,851  $3,066,570  $3,126,213 
Current Assets $2,111,542  $2,094,169  $2,039,903 
Total Liabilities $781,071  $796,436  $798,467 
Current Liabilities $508,867  $796,436  $479,842 
NET ASSETS $2,161,780  $2,270,134  $2,327,746 

Financial Documents Available:

FY 2015
  • Form 990 or 990EZ
  • Annual Audit
  • Financial Review, Compilation, Profit/Loss Statement, or Other
FY 2014
  • Form 990 or 990EZ
  • Annual Audit
  • Financial Review, Compilation, Profit/Loss Statement, or Other
FY 2013
  • Form 990 or 990EZ
  • Annual Audit
  • Financial Review, Compilation, Profit/Loss Statement, or Other
Ms. Jamie Vandenbark

APSI is committed to providing quality advocacy and guardianship to the individuals we serve even in the face of substantial budget cuts. We have sought and received additional funding while constantly seeking more cost-efficient ways to provide our services. As such, we occasionally show a minimal deficit which is covered by our cash reserves.