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To inclusively support the diverse and vibrant practice of dance of all cultures and for all capabilities.

2016 Accomplishments
  • We partnered with Amethyst, Inc., a residential addiction recovery center for women and their children, to offer dance classes and a performance opportunity. Through this project, we provided dance instruction to over 50 women.

  • Our OhioDance Festival and Conference, in collaboration with BalletMet, hosted 500 participants through educational opportunities, master classes, and performances, promoting new works and ideas.

  • The Dublin Arts Council, Ohio Department of Education, and The Ohio State University Dance Department partnered with us to present site specific dance. In May, this opportunity expanded to the Dayton community and included educational opportunities.

  • Through our partnership with the Ohio Statehouse summer lawn series, we presented an international dance theme with 30 dance artists. Dances were Indian, Irish, Israeli, Caribbean, and rhythm tap.

  • Our regional fall festival was co-hosted by Ohio University's School of Dance, Film, and Theater Division of Dance in Athens, OH. Special events included Kyle Abraham, performances, and dance films.

2017 Goals
  • We will promote and encourage the role of dance education and life-long learning to teachers of grades K-12 in 700 schools by increasing access to information and visits to our website.

  • We will facilitate advocacy work at the local, state, and national levels. At least 200 key stakeholders will increase their understanding of and appreciation for the public value of dance within the educational, health, and economic sectors.

  • We will provide expanded opportunities for dance performances through 50 presenters and community organizations across Ohio.

  • We will provide 20 workshops, 60 classes, and relevant resources that address the critical issues and current trends in the larger dance field.

  • We will increase organizational involvement at regional and local levels by increasing membership and attendance at events.


OhioDance serves professional companies and dancers, college and university dance departments, dance studios, school and community dance programs, and dance supporters. The agency serves as the primary networking opportunity for diverse dance organizations and individuals throughout the state. The organization began as the Association of Ohio Dance Companies, formed in 1976 by representatives from 16 Ohio dance companies. To reflect the increased membership it served, the association changed its name to OhioDance in 1984.

The organization’s first statewide festival was held at Kenyon College in 1981. The Greater Columbus Arts Council nominated OhioDance for outstanding arts event of the year in 1988. The organization moved to Columbus in 1989, the same year the organization hosted the first National Performance Network residency. In 2000, two OhioDance Award categories were established for outstanding contributions both to the dance art form and to dance education. In 2004, OhioDance and the Theatre Research Institute at The Ohio State University, in conjunction with Dance Heritage Coalition’s exhibition America’s 100 Dance Treasures, presented Ohio’s Dance Treasures in Columbus. Today, in addition to providing informational and educational services, OhioDance provides members with fiscal agency services and representation in state and national arts activities. OhioDance is a socially concerned community organization devoted to creating a better world by bridging the gap between art and lives of ordinary people. The synergies of the organization support the activities and careers of countless people in the dance community, and by extension improve the quality of life in their communities. OhioDance is committed to educating Ohioans about dance and dance education, as well as facilitating advocacy activities.

Statement from Ms. Jane D'Angelo, Executive Director

OhioDance has served the dance community for more than 35 years. During these years, many leaders in the dance community, volunteers, students, and interns have been involved with OhioDance and aided its development in the best interest of dance and the movement arts community. Many dance leaders maintain their support of OhioDance through membership, teaching at the festival, contributing to the newsletter, and addressing current issues in education and the dance field. Board members are representatives from universities, dance companies, and schools. Statewide representation is invaluable to OhioDance, and it benefits from the support of its membership. Members represent a broad spectrum of dancers, dance educators, and dance lovers. They express their desired goals including: education, teaching opportunities, performance opportunities, career development, and audience building. OhioDance draws strength from partnerships formed with other statewide arts service organizations.

Statement from Mr. David Guion Ph.D. , Dublin Arts Council

OhioDance is such a vital part of the Ohio dance scene and beyond. I am proud to help foster support for this unique organization that reaches individuals of all ages and all abilities. As a former dancer, and now arts administrator, I know the complexity and intricacies of helping dancers and dance organizations thrive. With generous support from multiple constituents we can keep people dancing and audiences watching.


Ms. Jane D'Angelo, Executive Director
Term Start 9/2003 
Compensated Yes 

Jane D’Angelo has been affiliated with OhioDance since 1998, serving as the organization’s executive director since 2003. She is responsible for planning, marketing, implementing and evaluating all programming. D’Angelo was a key partner in The Ohio Department of Education initiative to develop a resources and services guide for students gifted in visual and performing arts. She is a regular guest speaker at the Ohio State University Department of Dance. She has served as a panelist for Culture Works, the united arts fund and arts service agency for the Greater Dayton region, and has adjudicated for a variety of organizations. D’Angelo holds a B.S. in business administration from Northeastern University and a C.S.S. in administration and management from Harvard University. She has an extensive background in dance and dance education, both performing and teaching dance to children and adults throughout the Boston area.

Senior Staff
Number of Full-Time Staff:
Number of Part-Time Staff:
Number of Volunteers: 30 
Staff Retention Rate: 100% 

Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
Fundraising Plan Yes
Management Succession/Training Plan Yes
Organization Policies and Procedures Yes
Strategic Plan Yes
Years Plan Considers 2
Current Plan Adopted 3/2015


Ohio Arts Council, Greater Columbus Arts Council, BalletMet Columbus, Dublin Arts Council, The Ohio State University Department of Dance, Oberlin College, Ohio University, Ohio Northern University, University of Akron Dance Program, Duxberry Park, Fort Hayes High School, Columbus State, Ohio Statehouse, OCA, OAAE, Dayton Five Rivers Metro Park, PlayhouseSquare, DANCECleveland, Cleveland State University Department of Theatre and Dance, Dance/USA, Amethyst, Inc., and VSA Ohio.

Dance USA
National Dance Education Organization

Regional Governing Board
Board Chair Mr. David Guion Ph.D., Dublin Arts Council
Board Chair Term 7/2006 - 6/2018  
Board Members
Ms. Zelma Badu-Younge Ph.D., Ohio University  
Mr. Nathan Andary, Ohio University  
Mr. Stafford Berry Jr., Denison University  
Ms. Suzan Bradford Kounta, Thiossane Institute  
Ms. Hope Flaherty Cooper, BalletMet  
Mr. Alfred Dove, The Dove Arts Project  
Mr. Dennis Dugan, Lighting Designer  
Ms. Joyelle Fobbs, BalletMet Columbus  
Ms. Ann Christina Gehres, Times Past Vintage Dancers  
Attorney Sara Hutchins Jodka J.D., McDonald Hopkins LLC  
Ms. Jessica Johnson CPA, Accounting Solutions of Ohio  
Ms. Marlene Leber, Hathaway Brown School  
Ms. Sarah Morrison, MorrisonDance  
Ms. Mariah Nierman, The Ohio State University  
Ms. Crystal Michelle Perkins, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company  
Ms. Nancy Pistone, Ohio Department of Education  
Ms. Kim Popa, Pones Inc.,  
Ms. Kora Radella, Kenyon College  
Ms. Gabrielle Stefura, Fort Hayes High School  
Ms. Shannon Sterne MS, Case Western Reserve University  
Mr. Stefan Thomas Esq., STET Law  
Ms. Kodee Van Nort, Dancer/Teacher/Administrator  
Ms. Shannon Varner, The Lindyroos  
Mr. Rodney Veal, Sinclair Community College  
Ms. Nan Wiggins, Community Volunteer  
Ms. Kerri Wilde, Toledo School for the Arts  
Ms. Bobbi Wyatt, Mason Dance Center  
Ms. Margaret Jane Wyszomirski, The Ohio State University  
Mr. Erich Yetter, University of Akron  
Board Meetings Annually
Board Meeting Attendance 72% 
Board Member Monetary Contributions 97%
Board Member In-kind Contributions 97%
Gender Female 73%
  Male 27%
Race African-American/Black 30%
  Asian-American/Pacific Islander 0%
  Caucasian 70%
  Hispanic/Latino 0%
  Native American/American Indian 0%
  Multi-Racial 0%
  Other 0%
Advisory Board
Ms. Ann Cooper Albright ,
Ms. Laurie Bell ,
Ms. Kelly Berick ,
Mr. Joel Cohen ,
Ms. Kaye Davis ,
Ms. Lynn Deering ,
Mr. Richard Dickinson ,
Ms. Ambre Emory-Maier ,
Ms. Christina W. Foisie ,
Ms. Jeri Deckard Gatch ,
Mr. John Giffin ,
Ms. Holly Handman Lopez ,
Ms. Jessica Hodges ,
Ms. Jefferson James ,
Ms. Mia Klinger ,
Ms. Jeanne Sopanha Mam-Luft ,
Ms. Teressa Wylie McWilliams ,
Ms. Kathryn Mihelick ,
Ms. Melissa Obenauf ,
Ms. Barbara Robinson ,
Ms. Lori Robishaw ,
Ms. Lisa Rovner ,
Mr. Neil Sapienza ,
Ms. Kim Tritt ,
Ms. Mary Verdi-Fletcher ,
Ms. Melanye White Dixon ,



We offer educational programming and performance opportunities for increased access to all Ohio dance artists. We offer a regional fall festival in different regions of the State and last year, we collaborated with Ohio University, School of Dance Film, and Theater-Division of Dance. We bring dance artists to our outreach partners such as Amethyst, a treatment facility for women in recovery and their children, and a summer dance program to Lower Lights Ministries to serve the children of Franklinton. We offer master classes and dance artist teaching programs to Columbus City Schools and schools throughout the state, in collaboration with the Dublin Arts Council and VSA's Adaptation, Integration, and the Arts program. We also offer professional development and wellness workshops through the Greater Columbus Arts Council's Opportunities for Artists series and The Ohio State University Performing Arts Medicine.

OhioDance Festival and Conference

The annual OhioDance Festival and Conference offers professionals and young artists educational and performance opportunities, as well as exposure to recognized dance companies, programs, and master artists. The three-day festival is co-hosted by BalletMet Columbus and offers a variety of activities, including more than 50 master classes, a showcase of Ohio’s choreographic talent, and a wellness day, all representing a variety of dance forms.

Each year, OhioDance awards outstanding contributions to the advancement of dance education and the dance art form. The OhioDance Festival is vital to the state’s dance community. It brings people together to network, learn, and share new ideas. There are more than 500 people throughout the state of Ohio who attend the festival. The conference assists with the economic development of dance artists through job placement, referrals of artists, performance, and dance education opportunities.


OhioDance is the representative for dance at the state level. In partnership with such organizations as Ohio Citizens for the Arts and the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, we create a strong voice for dance in education and legislation. OhioDance board members serve on the writing teams that revise the fine arts dance standards for the Ohio Department of Education. OhioDance travels throughout the state to offer workshops on current trends in the field. OhioDance attends National Dance Conferences, we make new connections and gain new insights that we can share with the constituents of OhioDance. Staff and board members routinely visit and write letters to elected officials to increase their understanding of and appreciation for the public value of dance in contributing to the education, health, and economic sectors.

OhioDance Member Services

OhioDance provides critical ongoing services to members through information, events, support, and networking. A bi-weekly email blast, a quarterly online newsletter, and a statewide dance directory and resource guide provide access to information about the annual festivals and other specialized seminars where dance artists, choreographers, and educators learn. Members have access to performance calendars, job and audition postings, and a rehearsal space directory. Members are also given advisory and fiscal services when using OhioDance as a fiscal agent for grant seeking. OhioDance is currently working on a project to create a virtual dance collection on our website that will capture the most significant pivotal moments in dance history in Ohio in the last 50 years and make the information available through digital means and on our website.

Ohio Statehouse Performances

OhioDance presents dance performances at the Statehouse Summer Lawn Series event in June. We offer diverse performance opportunities for a range of ages, professional levels, and styles, including contemporary, swing, and multicultural dance. Last year, OhioDance presented multicultural dance--Indian, Irish, Israeli, Caribbean, and  rhythm tap performances.

Data reflects three most recently completed fiscal years.

Current Fiscal Year 07/01/2015 - 06/30/2016
Projected Revenue $103,440
Projected Expense $101,279
Endowment Fund No
Current Capital Campaign? No
Anticipate a capital campaign in next 5 years? No

Revenue by Source
  2015   2014   2013  
Total Direct Support $104,122  $78,610  $59,421 
Direct Support Foundations
Direct Support Corporations
Direct Support Individuals
Direct Support Unspecified $104,122  $78,610  $59,421 
Indirect Public Support
Earned Revenue $16,922  $18,911 
Interest and Dividends $2 
Membership Dues
Special Events
TOTAL REVENUE $104,124  $95,532  $78,332 

Expense by Type
  2015   2014   2013  
Programs $101,150  $85,719  $55,761 
Administration $6,828  $2,093  $19,593 
Fundraising $3,915 
Payment to Affiliates
TOTAL EXPENSES $107,978  $87,812  $79,269 

Assets and Liabilities
  2015   2014   2013  
Total Assets $14,887  $25,731  $18,011 
Current Assets $14,887  $25,731  $18,011 
Total Liabilities
Current Liabilities
NET ASSETS $14,887  $25,731  $18,011 

Financial Documents Available:

FY 2015
  • Form 990 or 990EZ
FY 2014
  • Form 990 or 990EZ
FY 2013
  • Form 990 or 990EZ
Ms. Jane E. D'Angelo

OhioDance sustains the overall organization through local and state funding, foundations, corporations, membership dues, and programming fees. With this balanced budget mix, our organization has remained stable for many years. Looking ahead at meeting more community need, we will continue to actively seek new and renewable sources of funding to support our expansion efforts.